ICC World T20
With the introduction of T20 cricket, a whole new world of gaming experience opened up. After being immensely popular among the fans, ICC decided to organize a separate World Championship of 20 over format. Just like the regular World Cup, ICC World T20 is a championship tournament for cricketing nations. The fixture of the tournament is no different than that of a 50 over Cricket World Cup. Given that the format is much more popular among the fans, it’s a great gambling platform for punters and professional tipsters as well.

The first T20 World Cup was played in South Africa in 2007. Team India, led by MS Dhoni lifted the maiden title followed by Pakistan in 2009. Only West Indies has won the World Cup twice. The tournament currently consists of 16 teams and the top 8 teams battle one another in the main event. The championship is organized every 2 years. Cricbro is the best online platform to follow such fast-paced and sensational cricketing events.


Apart from broadcasting different forms of ICC-sanctioned fixtures and ranking statements, Cricbro will also keep its audience updated on the latest ICC Cricket World Cup Schedule. With several journeys like the Champion’s Trophy, T20 World Cup, and the Women’s Championship league, the International Cricket Council (ICC) is known for staging incredible events throughout the year. Engaging the cricket fanatics and keen punters in the year-round cricket events, it’s no wonder why ICC tournaments have turned out to be the most intriguing games.

Thus, it’s important to stay abreast with the schedules of the upcoming matches or seasons so that you can ante-up well ahead of time. Just stay tuned with our experts at Cricbro for all the latest updates on the tournament schedules, fixtures, venue, and ground information.


Presently based in Abu Dhabi, the International Cricket Council (ICC) is responsible for arranging all kinds of fixtures, rankings, and qualification processes. The ICC rankings and the fixture play are generated by calculating the odd points against different teams before the tournament. In broader terms, the value of each player’s performance within a match is calculated by using an algorithm – a pre-programmed series of calculations based on various circumstances.

As the competition draws closer, the team Cricbro is all set to update the significant information related to odds charts, fixtures, latest team news, ranking shifts, and market sympathies. To know about the latest feeds and news on the upcoming edition of the ICC world cup, subscribe to our website now.

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From game highlights to catching up the details of the Cricket World Cup live, the stage is all set to meet your free Cricket Match tips goals. Furthermore, the punters can also place both pre-match and in-play wagers on diversified propositions, including cricket world cup winner, match results, the man of the match, top batsman, top bowler, coin toss, total innings, super overs, boundaries, sixes, partnerships, individual player’s stats, live updates, method of dismissal, and much more.
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