ICC World Cup
ICC World Cup is the biggest championship league played among the top cricketing nations. It is played in a One-Day game format. It is organized by the International Cricket Council (ICC) and is a platform for all teams to contest one another and become the world champion.

There are 2 versions of the ICC World Cup. One is the Men's championship and the other is the Women's championship. The format of the tournament is the same for both. Being the biggest cricket event in the world, it is organized every 4 years. The tournament is one of the world's most viewed sporting events and is considered to be the 'flagship event of the international cricket calendar by the ICC.

Format Of the Tournament

Presently based in Abu Dhabi, the International Cricket Council (ICC) is responsible for arranging all kinds of fixtures, rankings, and qualification processes. The ICC rankings and the fixtures are generated by calculating the odd points against different teams before the tournament. In broader terms, the value of each player’s performance within a match is calculated by using an algorithm – a pre-programmed series of calculations based on various circumstances.
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The Bottom line

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