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No. Posting tips is not a prerequisite for using other services. If you have signed up to Cricbro you are under no obligation to participate in any competition or use any other service we offer which you are not interested in but remember all current tips are available for everyone to view.

Cricbro is designed to be a Cricket gaming community, therefore, we encourage our users to stick to their usernames so people become familiar with other users but if you really must change your username you have to send us a request. It can take up to a week to change however so be patient.
It is possible to delete your profile. To do this go to your settings and select the delete tab. You will be prompted for your password to confirm the request which will remove all tips placed under that username. Once a profile is deleted, it cannot be retrieved.
To post tips you must first register with Cricbro. Then choose the match events and click on the upcoming match tab. Then you can see the Play button in the mid of the website just click on the play button and start posting your tips in the top right corner of the Cricbro website where match odds are also available. Once you have found your desired event, proceed to the next screen where you can input the details of your tip.


Odds are automatically added once your tip has been entered, with the highest odds at the top of the list.

The final stage of post tips to support the prediction with an analysis. See the sections on analyses below for more details.

The final screen is a confirmation of your tip to submit.

You should always double-check your tips before you submit them and you should consider our tips as you would if you placed the same prediction outcomes with a bookmaker – would you expect the bookmaker to change your wager after it was placed because you made a mistake?

Tipsters are not allowed to delete tips and even if you claim a mistake was made, tips will not be deleted by Cricbro unless it is under extreme circumstances, for example, we suspect cheating. Similarly, and for obvious reasons, tips cannot be deleted after an event has taken place. Eliminating the prospect of deleting tips also helps us achieve our golden rule of transparency ensuring that all information that appears on Cricbro is made in good faith. Please be certain your tip is correct before you post it.
Tipsters are allowed to post only 1 tip per match. However, they can post predictions for multiple matches on the same day.
Yes, Cricbro is absolutely free.
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