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This is a very interesting and short-margined format of gaming. As the name suggests, the punters can wager predicting the runouts in the game. However, it's not about predicting the number of runouts, it's about choosing a winner. How? Let's deduce that-

Take the example of a limited over game between India and Australia. Punters can wager for Most Run Outs on 'India', 'Australia' or 'Tie'. Now, if 3 players of India got dismissed by a run-out while Australia having 2, then the wager on Australia wins. If both teams have the same number of run-outs then the third option is the winners. Remember, zero runouts in both innings is also a tie and so is the option most likely to be chosen by Most Run Outs gamers.

This is a gaming option for limited over cricket as runouts in test matches are pretty rare. Predict which team is lazy enough to leave a margin for possible run-outs and claim sure winning. While placing a wager for Most Run Outs, the punters need to keep these things in mind.

Cricbro Most Run Outs Prediction Tips and Tricks

- Some players have a record of most run-outs, check for those records.

- A crucial run chase also involves dangerous running between the wickets, leaving possibilities of more runouts.

- Team with better fielders is most likely to win the gamble by getting more opposition batsmen run out.

- Free cricket match tips and prediction are also helpful to get the essential in-game knowledge.

With a lesser number of options (3) to choose from, most run-out gaming is a big winning gamble. If you tend to increase your winnings, go with either of the team options, leaving the temptation to wager for the Tie option. Most favorite options are the least juicing outcomes for the punter.

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