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What are favorites and outsiders?

These are the two most commonly used terms by punters when they seek free cricket tips. The odd place by the bookmaker decides who gets to be the favorite and who becomes outsiders. Let's understand better with an example-

Say it to be a game of India vs Australia. From the Indian batting side, Virat Kohli and Rohit Sharma are available at odds of 3.5 each, followed by Shikhar Dhawan at 4.0, and at the bottom of the list is Jasprit Bumrah at 80. So, the odds are least for the top-performing players, making them the favorites and the player with the highest odds becomes the outsider. In this scenario, Virat and Rohit are the joint favorites and Bumrah is the outsiders.

In simpler terms, the player who is a punters' favorite is termed as 'favorite' and whose odds suggest it’s almost impossible to win this battle heat, are considered the outsiders. The odds are always less on favorites because bookmakers tend to keep their liability down and the outsiders are available with the highest odds as they have almost no chance to win the wager. It's not for you to decide who is the favorite or who is the outsider. The bookmaker provides the deal with smartly chosen odds.

It follows not only with players but also with teams as well. In the same example, if India is placed at odds of 1.7 against Australia with 2.1, then India is the favorite while Australia is the outsider. In some games, Draw is also available to be played. Let's say a test match with rain predictions. Here, draw wager will be in the game and might be the favorite as well.

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