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What is a Dead Heat Prediction
On rare occasions, the top podium is shared by two or more champions. No game is claimed to be technically sane to find out one winner on every occasion. If closely contested players are performing their best, there is always a margin for a tie or collective winners. This rarely occurring phenomenon is termed Dead Heat.

Dead Heat is basically a tie between two or more winners. It happens most of the time while playing sports gaming for horse riding, but it also happens in more popular games like Golf. Cricket is a game of two teams but it includes 22 players sweating out their determination. In close cricketing encounters, more than 1 player stands out to be the best performer. In such cases, dead-heat match rules are applied.

Dead-Heat Match Rules
In the case of more than one winner, the winnings are distributed proportionally according to the number of winners. Technically, the gamer wins and loses at the same time. Only the designated fraction of your winning can be claimed and the rest is considered as lost. To increase your chances of bigger winnings, always go for free cricket match tips and predictions before making your prediction.

Dead Heat-Fixed Odds
There are certain formulae to calculate dead-heat winnings according to the situations but let's leave that to the techno-geeks. Remember to place your prediction strategically while playing a game with players of the same potential. At cricbro.com, cricket match tips are provided for free to improve chances of maximum earnings. Cricbro is a platform for both, where one tends to share their expertise and one is willing to avail.
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