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Combo Match Tips Prediction

Looking for bigger winnings while choosing odds on your favourite sports? Then combo match tips prediction is just for you! With it, you can combine a few events into one big selection and you’ll get much higher odds compared to what the odds will be if you place odds on each event separately (as a single). And higher odds mean bigger profits when you’re placed oddly! Sounds great, right? In this article you’ll learn everything you need to know about choosing odds related to combos, Free combo tips and strategy, free cricket match tips & prediction at free match tips, and the prediction site.

What are combo match tips odds?

Combo is predicting more than one outcome within the same selection. In normal circumstances, users will place on just one odd, known as a single, and it either wins or loses (or is void or dead-heated, in rare cases).

So placing or selecting Combo match tips odds on Ravi Ashwin to be top India bowler against Sri Lanka is a single. Or on the Windies to score over 160 runs against England, is also a single.

Free combo tips and strategy.

A good example of a combo is when there are two matches on the same day in the IPL. So if it’s Mumbai v Delhi in the morning and Kolkata v Chennai in the afternoon and you think Mumbai will win the first game and Kolkata the second, you can place a combo. The good news is the odds of the two teams are multiplied by one another. So if Mumbai are 1.8 and Kolkata are 2.1, the total odds of your combo are 1.8 x 2.1 which comes to 3.78. The bad news is that you need both parts of the selection to win for you to have a winning combo.

You don’t have to just place or select odds on a team to win, though. You could choose that Rohit Sharma top-scored for Mumbai in the first match and that Kolkata scored over 160 runs batting first in the second match. Nor do you have to limit your combos to just two selections; you can have five or six different selections in your combo if you wish


A combo is an excellent wager if you want to maximize excitement and winnings. Combination wagers, also known as accumulators or ACCA, are made up of more than one odd selection.

The fact that there can be 10, 20 or more games in a slip achieves two things. First, it makes these multiple selections very profitable with accumulative winnings going into the thousands of dollars. Secondly, it also makes following sports much more exciting .

Most important points about combo :


  • Huge winnings with small stakes
  • Lots of games to follow
  • Can include games from all sports
  • Lower winning probability than single selections
  • Risk-free



Frequently Asked & Answered

  1. What is a combo?

A combo is when you include more than one selection or game while placing or choosing odds.

  1. How to place a combo?

All you need to do is select your games, back them with a certain stake, and submit the wager.

  1. Is combo worth it?

They certainly are. When you create an accumulator, you can watch more than one game and that means more fun with the same stake. On top of that, if you win, the profit that you can make from combo is quite enticing too.

  1. What is the best combo?

The best accumulator selection comes with an ACCA insurance bonus and a combo boost. The insurance bonus safeguards your selection and the boost promo increases your winnings significantly.


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